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Darwin’s Replacement


Replacing Darwin
Bringing the God of Our Nations Back to Our Students with a New Basic Science

Tom Rogers, president of Reality Research and Development Inc. and The Atomic Biology Institute. has recently published the first edition of “Darwin’s Replacement” summarizing three decades of research into the true cause of life.

With input from 20 PhDs, 3 MDs, 9 DScs, 3 Mathematicians, 2 MScs, and 8 Independent Researchers, the results show in simple, logical, and verifiable terms that Super-Intelligence (far beyond that of mankind) is essential to construct  cell-parts, cells, and living entities.

With agreement by a coalition of scholar-groups, evolution as the cause of life should be falsified.

Atomic Biology is the name adopted for the science of studying the super-intelligent on-site decisions, choices, and precision physical works with atoms necessary for the construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of living cells and entities using atoms from available resources.

The main reason we know that Super-Intelligence is essential for building cell-parts, cells, and living entities, was revealed recently through the research of the three scientists who won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.  They are Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, and Bernard L. Feringa.  Over a 33 year period, they managed to develop a few very simplistic molecular machines.  The James Tour Group at Rice U., and others,  also developed some of these simple units over the last two decades.  All of these units are almost infinitely more simplistic than the simplest of molecular machines constructed daily for us in our own new cells.

This obviously shows that with man’s vast accumulation of scientific knowledge, sophisticated equipment, and relatively long periods of time, even the best intelligence on the planet cannot come anywhere close to constructing any of the molecular machines needed for our cells.  Therefore, why would we expect the theoretical process of evolution, by definition having no intelligence to use, would be capable of building the incredibly complex molecular machines essential for our cells.

This factor alone should end the debate over God or evolution as the cause of life.

Unfortunately, we know that old ideas, especially in science, die too slowly. Therefore we have backed up our reasons for falsifying evolution as the cause of life, with many other pertinent and agreed factors in the book.

For those who believe it is time to replace evolution as the taught cause of life, with a science that is far more verifiable, reasonable, and logical, we recommend that you read our proposal, search for holes or mistakes in our reasoning, and be a recognized part of the coalition that finally replaces Darwinisms as the taught cause of life.

Note that we are not saying that evolution does not exist at the micro level, but that even mutant cells have to be constructed.  Evolution cannot cause life and should not be taught as if it can.

Our main point is that there is no common ancestor, but there is a common designer and builder of living entities.

No doubt, there will be ways to improve our presentation over time, but the solid basics are here.

Your comments, reviews, and quotable quotes would be beneficial for the cause and gratefully appreciated.

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Quotes And Reviews Of Darwin’s Replacement And Atomic Biology

“The need for a super-intelligent force to create and sustain living things is well set out and without question.  I also appreciated all the research that was done to demonstrate the historical importance and recognition of God in the nation lives of the four nations you selected.” — George Matzko, PhD

“Darwin’s Replacement is a well written review of the enormous complexity of all life written from the perspective of the molecular foundation.  The complexity is more than amazing; It is so amazing that it is difficult for most of us to comprehend. Most people enjoy learning about amazing feats, and thus the popularity of ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ and similar books.  Our body and its complexity is familiar and works so well for most of us that we often take it for granted.  Mr. Rogers’ book helps us to realize that we are all walking miracles, and to understand how it functions is both awe inspiring and helps us to appreciate the body we all live in while on this earth.” –Professor Jerry Bergman, PhD

“ATOMIC BIOLOGY promises to restore the true foundations of science back to the realm of observation. Current forays into metaphysical speculation and presupposition by ‘experts’ seem to have caused division, confusion, and misunderstanding in the scientific conversation.” — Jack Taylor, PhD

“My recommendation would be to rework the book as a series of 1-2 page studies for adult Sunday school classes and/or Christian High School classes. It could be quite useful as an introduction to the topics, in that format.” – David Snoke, PhD

“EARLY REVIEWS for DARWIN’S REPLACEMENT show the findings in the book being applauded as well-researched, timely, and logical.” — Keri Vermeulen, Editor, -The Light Magazine

“Your book demonstrates the amazing complexity of life, starting with even the simplest cell, and the numerous conditions needed to sustain life.  That all this could be the result of blind, random evolution is highly implausible and statistically virtually impossible.  Hence, as your  book concludes, this points to a super-intelligent Creator.  Your book also notes that the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia were all founded on submission to the Christian God, and urges those countries return to acknowledging God, also in the science classrooms.  I heartily agree  with all this.         — John Byl, PhD

“There are only two possibilities for the existence of life: accidental or purposeful.  Using  science and mathematics, Atomic Biology proves beyond a shadow of doubt that life cannot be accidental.  Then the book shows that the only being capable of the creation of life and its orchestrated maintenance is the historical Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Triune God of the Bible and our Nation.”  — Sharon E. Cargo, DVM

“Hi, (RealityRandD) I recently bought the book and am reading it slowly, and out loud to myself so that it sticks, but can I say that when I heard Mr. Rogers on Vision I knew that this was a book I’d been waiting for a very long time. I honestly can’t put into words how exciting this is for me to finally have something to refer to when discussing creation and not sound like a loony.”    —  Linda Houston, Australia

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