REALITY RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT INC. received the assignment to develop a logical and suitable DARWIN REPLACEMENT for science education in the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada; hence the book title “Darwin’s Replacement.”

After twenty-eight years of research and input from over forty scholars, they believe their development of the new Godly life-science they are calling “ATOMIC BIOLOGY”, provides the BEST EXPLANATION for the origin and cause of life.

Research for the project began in 1987 by company president, Tom Rogers. His background includes proficiency awards in biology, chemistry, and physics.  After first college, he worked ten years in engineering, then established his own corporations for research and development, international manufacturing and distribution, construction, and other businesses.  In 2015 he was awarded the title of “Scientist of the Year” by WWB.  They were impressed by his years of research to develop the new life-science he is calling “Atomic Biology.”

In 1987 his interest in the design, engineering, manufacture, construction, maintenance and repair of human beings was piqued. He began his research into existing accepted science and was inspired to explore some new combinations and concepts.

Now Reality R & D has developed new principles to verify the necessity of a super-intelligent force for the design, construction, sustenance, maintenance, and repair for the life of all living entities.

As this is a subject that involves all humans, and could have far reaching positive effects, the necessity became obvious to bring in scientists with specialities in various areas of biological construction as well as historians from each of the four nations initially in focus.

The goal is to provide the information and knowledge of the enormous works which this super-intelligent force performs for every body every second of every day. The purpose is for people, especially students, to gain an understanding of how much they are cared for by this force, internationally called “God”, and Why He was invited to be a part of Their Governments.

Our premise is that students, and all citizens, have the inalienable right to be taught who this ‘God’ of their nation IS, and what He does for each of us every second of every day.  We propose that it is the life-science of “Atomic Biology,” the study of the super-intelligent works essential for life, that is the most logical and suitable replacement for Darwinisms.  However, changing the science education to depart from teaching evolution as the cause of life will take a unified advance by Darwin skeptics.


To accurately and scientifically determine the cause of life on Planet Earth; to share this information with as many interested organizations and individuals as possible;  to unite in agreement as many of those organizations  and individuals as possible in order to give maximum strength and credibility to the information;  to provide suitable textbooks for students in grade schools, colleges, and universities detailing the information in a useful manner;  and to gain approval of the textbooks by as many Departments of Education as possible.


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