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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Ruled Out


How significant is this for you ?

  Vancouver, Canada – Three decades of research has resulted in a new personal life-science showing that we are all made by a Super-Intelligent force; we are not descendants of monkeys after all.

  In fact, there is an enormous amount of brilliant work and care, millions of decisions, choices, and physical works with atoms performed at every one of our roughly one hundred trillion cell-construction sites.  Then that phenomenal ‘Breath-of-life’ has to be added to these inanimate atoms in each new cell because no cell lives without it.

The name of this newly discovered science that is a study of these Super-Intelligent physical works with atoms to create us, is “Atomic Biology”.

  And where do the needed sixty different kinds of atoms come from?  Where else than from the foods we eat and the air we breathe. This is why it is best for us to get a good variety of foods and quality air to breathe.

  The name given to this Super-Intelligent force, long before the science was understood, is “God”; the same God that is highly recognized by our Governments in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia, e.g. in some of our national holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and Easter), in our Constitutions, Declarations, Pledges, and Anthems, on War Memorials, Public Buildings, and more.

  Our forefathers instinctively understood the need for Super-natural works in making our foods, us, and all living entities, but now there is some simple basic science to explain these ‘blessings’.

  This, of course, rules out Darwin’s theory of “evolution and a common ancestor” as the cause of life as evolution, by definition, has no intelligence to use.  The credit should never have been stopped from going to our benevolent “Designer and Builder”.

  So, for those of us who have instinctively known that beautiful flowers, birds, pets, and people could not be made by chance or accident, this is some of the proof that we are right.

  There are multiple reasons why Super-intelligence is essential to make us, but the most recent scientific proof was provided (perhaps unintentionally) by the three Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry (2016).  They received the award for developing over a thirty-three year period, a few very simple molecular machines. Theses are almost infinitely more simplistic than even the simplest of molecular machines built for our new cells every day.

  The enormous amount of Super-Intelligent work and care provided every second of every day, free-of-charge for each one of us, is really worthy of our “thanks” on a regular basis, lest we forget.

  There is an opposing force that wants us to ‘forget’.

  More of the details are available in a new book titled, Darwin’s Replacement, by Thomas W. Rogers and Dr. Graham McLennan.

  Publisher: Lifetime Reference Guides Inc. and available from Kindle, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

  Your help is needed to share this “good news”.

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Super-intelligence Now Proven Essential To Make Us

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Press Release Jan 12/19

Super-intelligence now proven essential to make us

  Vancouver, Canada – Reality Research & Development Inc. (RRD) has concluded after three decades of research and input from 45 scholars, that there is now a solid solution to the great debate regarding how we are made.   Have we descended from the same ancestor as the monkeys and evolution has done the work of constructing each one of us, or, are we constructed by the Super-intelligent Creator of the universe?

  The significant answer has become crystal clear that Super-intelligence (far beyond that of mankind) is essential to build our cell-parts, cells, and us.  Literally billions of decisions, choices, and careful physical works with atoms are essential at every cell-construction site.

  The significance is that this rules-out Darwin’s evolution as the cause of life, as, by definition, evolution has no intelligence to use.  

  The new science to study this work has been called ‘Atomic Biology’, and RRD president, Tom Rogers, says, “Don’t let the name scare you; the basics are simple enough for a fifth-grader to understand”.  

  With time, effort, cooperation, and demand by “We, the People”, Darwinisms should be moved to the history department and our students should be allowed to follow the evidence where it leads.  (What a concept!). There should not be a battle over this but there will be by those who don’t want knowledge of the Creator to be taught to our students, in spite of the fact that God is highly recognized by their Federal Government in national anthems, constitutions, declarations, pledges, national holidays, war memorials, and more.

  Several science groups have been working on the design and construction of various synthetic cell parts but with small results.  Most prominent among these groups is the trio of 2016 Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry. The best they could accomplish with 33 years work was to make a few tiny molecular machines that are almost infinitely more simplistic than the simplest molecular machines built for our new cells every day.

  This shows that in spite of our vast accumulation of scientific knowledge and sophisticated equipment, mankind has nowhere near enough intelligence to build even the simplest of the molecular machines within us.  

  In response to this point, evolutionists have said that there are “natural mechanisms” in our body that can do this work.  However, this concept just opens up a far larger problem for Darwinian evolution as it would require the construction of mechanisms with vastly greater intelligence and far better equipment than that of our Nobel Prize Winners.

  A new book regarding this significant development is titled “Darwin’s Replacement – Bringing the God of Our Nations Back to Our Students with a New Basic Science”.  The authors are Thomas W. Rogers, president of RealityR&D and the new Atomic Biology Institute, along with Dr. Graham McLennan, president of the National Alliance of Christian Leaders, Australia.  Eight chapters discuss the amazing and Super-intelligent work performed in building us including our sensory organs for seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching; building over 2 million new red blood cells every second for each of us; building our food from atoms in the ‘dust’ and rain; then building our new cells from these same atoms.  These are just a few examples of the enormous work and care provided to each of us by our Creator, every second of every day.

The additional four chapters of the book show how our Creator is highly recognized by our Governments in the USA (“In God We Trust”, “One Nation Under God”, … ); the UK (“God Save The Queen”, ….); Canada (“God keep our land glorious and free…”, “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God…, ), and Australia (Daily opening prayer for Federal Parliament: “Almighty God, we humbly beseech Thee to vouchsafe Thy special blessing upon this Parliament…”, …. ).

    This already gives our students the inalienable right to be taught Why God is highly recognized by Their Government.  Now there are scientific reasons that benefit each person.

    The science of atomic biology will lead to improvements in health, nutrition, medicine, agriculture, aquaculture, and other related health benefits including the comforting knowledge of how much each of us is cared for by our great Creator.

   Replacing evolution as the taught cause of life will be resisted.  However, where there is legislation requiring truth only to be taught, this will help to speed up the process.  As the resistance will no doubt be heavy, a determined, united, and well supported proponent organization for this improvement in education, will be necessary.

  Darwin’s Replacement – Bringing the God of Our Nations Back to Our Students with a New Basic Science is available from Kindle and Amazon soft-cover.

Publisher:  Lifetime Reference Guides Inc.      

For further information see  Darwin’s Replacement