God vs evolution

When discussing this controversy, we always have to be clear about our definitions.

We, at RealityRandD.com, define God partially as, “The name given by English speaking people and governments to the supernatural force and entity who creates and sustains all other living entities.”God vs Evolution

We define ‘evolution’ partially as, “Darwinism, neo-Darwinism, or macro-evolution, which are theoretical explanations of the origin and cause of life and species whereby all species originated and descended from a single organism that was formed by a chance assembly of atoms, billions of years ago.  There is no guidance, purpose, or intelligent work involved with this theoretical process.”

This original chance organism would have needed the highly complex ability to live, to function, to find nourishment and digest that to sustain its life, to reproduce, to remember its good qualities and pass them on with improvements and to change into all the other kinds of plants and animals including, eventually, monkeys ascending into mankind, and to do all of this with no intelligent help through a totally unguided process.

It is interesting to note that the simplest cell known today, ‘mycoplasma genitalium’, “…requires only 482 proteins to perform its necessary functions and 562,000 bases of DNA (just under 1,200 base pairs per gene) …” according to Dr. Stephen Meyer in his book, “Signature in the Cell”.   He goes on to say, “Based upon minimal complexity experiments, some scientists speculate (but have not demonstrated) that a simple one-cell organism might have been able to survive with as few as 250 to 400 genes”.   Something this complex can be constructed with no intelligent work or guidance?

When we couple this with the fact that with all our accumulated knowledge and special equipment, we cannot assemble even one live protein from the elements known to be the ingredients of proteins.

This information alone should end the discussion about Darwin’s evolution being able to build living cells and entities.

It is time to get real.

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