Intelligent Work and Design

It’s simple really, and this picture sums it up nicely.

Intelligence Pyramid

Intelligent work and design are often easily discernible when no preconceived concept of how something came to be exists. By observing and using our logical intellect we can reason that something with order, direction, code and interpretation came about by an intelligent force. But if you have a predetermined mindset that it cannot have been created or designed by intelligence, you will find a way to interpret the evidence to fit your own paradigm.  Some may argue that we have preconceived interpretations based on our experiences that may lead us to believe an intelligence was involved in a creation process, but this argument pre-concludes that indeed interpretation of fact is affected by the ideals we hold when we observe a matter.  And this is precisely what is occurring in mainstream Science.

Richard Lewontin, an atheistic leader in evolutionary biology stated “…For we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door”. He was speaking of the absolute commitment to materialism in evolutionary science.  And here we clearly see a problem. An intelligent designer cannot be considered in any aspect of this type of science no matter how clear the appearance of design or intelligent work.

We postulate, “If it can be shown that living entities require intelligent physical work for their design, construction, and life, then Darwinism, Neo-Darwinism, and macroevolution (which claim to use no intelligence) are disqualifed as possible causes of life.”



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