What’s in the Works?  Definitions:

  1. Atomic Biology: Introducing this significant new branch of Godly life-science for studying the super-intelligent physical works involved in finding, sorting, selecting, grasping, delivering, and assembling all the right numbers of the right atoms from the soil, air, and water to make every cell of the foods grown for our nourishment. Then studying the similar work with the right atoms from our digesting food to make every cell-part and cell required for the construction, growth, sustenance, maintenance and repair of our bodies.
  2. Super-intelligent Force: Comparing ‘Natural Selection’ (no intelligence or guided work involved for life) vs ‘Super-intelligent Force’ (super-intelligence and guided work essential for life). Analyzing the brilliance, dexterity, speed and precision required to “create” and maintain all living entities.
  3. Recent Proof of the Essentiality for Super-intelligent Works:   The 2016 Nobel Prize Winners for Chemistry received their award after 33 years of research and development of a few very simplistic molecular machines. The best they could make are almost infinitely more simplistic than any of the many molecular machines built for us within our cells.  What this proves is that even with our vast accumulation of scientific knowledge and sophisticated equipment, mankind does not have anywhere near enough intelligence to build any of the molecular machines that are constructed for our new cell-parts and cells, every day of the week.
  4. The Breath of Life: Clarifying that no cell or entity lives without it. When it is removed, the life of the cell or entity ends. What is it and from where does it come?
  5. DNA Programming: No intelligent help required? Let’s face reality.  Intelligent programming only comes from an intelligent source.
  6. Perpetual Motion of Electrons: Investigating the perpetual source of the energy and control required in every atom.
  7. Constant Reliability: Acknowledging the faithfully-performed, phenomenal physical work and care involved in constructing, sustaining, maintaining, repairing, and replacing trillions of cells for our life.
  8. God’s Kind of ‘Evolution’: Changing fuzzy, crawling worms into beautiful, flying butterflies in a matter of days, not millions of years.
  9. Beyond the Parameters of Possibility for Natural Selection (unguided work with no intelligence involved): Understanding the absolute necessity for the super-intelligent force internationally called “God”.
  10. “So, Who IS This ‘God’ Of Our Nations, and What Does He Do For Us?” and “Darwin’s Replacement”
    Producing these textbook primers outlining God’s involvement in the governments of our nations (the U.S.A., U.K., Australia, and Canada), plus explanation of His enormous work for every body every second of every day. Our premise is that since God is a significant part of their governments and history, “Students have the inalienable right to be taught Why God is highly recognized by Their Government”, especially now for scientific reasons.
  11. Knowledge of Reality: Moving the ‘evolution’ that says “No intelligent help required for life,” to the history department.
  12. Applications for ‘Atomic Biology’:  Beginning the exploration of uses for this new science in nutrition, medicine, agriculture, aquaculture, social science, and beyond.

The Foundational Work of Reality Research & Development Inc.
This information is needed primarily because most public schools, colleges and universities have deliberately excluded teachings about the God of our nations. It seems this decision was based upon the misconception that evolution is more scientific than God.

Nothing could be further from the truth!  When Mr. Charles Darwin released his book On the Origin of Species in 1859, it contained his ‘theory of evolution’. It suggested that all life originated from a unique happening in an ancient pond where the first living cell was mysteriously formed.

This cell would have needed the complex ability, power, and intelligence to find nourishment, digest and process this nourishment to sustain its own life, eliminate waste to prevent the build-up of toxins, reproduce itself, remember its good qualities and pass these on to offspring cells with improvements, grow more cells, and over billions of years change into fish, animals, birds, monkeys, humans, etc. This highly complex ability would have been needed in the first cell. This would have required a huge number of atoms to be precisely arranged, (by chance?); and then the ‘breath of life’ would have been needed as no entity lives without it; when it is removed, the life of the entity ends.

An original cell was Mr. Darwin’s idea. He did not know much about atoms, molecules, and their functions in his day because the technology was not yet available. But several times in his book, he mentioned the “Creator” and outlined several ways in which his theory of evolution could “absolutely break down”.

In the book we show from our research into existing accepted science, the reasons why it is absolutely impossible for any living cell, organ, or entity to be designed, constructed, sustained, maintained and repaired by anything but a super-intelligent force.

This book, “Darwin’s Replacement,” contains seven basic principles of life that provide the reasons why this supernatural force, which is super-intelligent, immensely reliable, and careful, is essential to design, construct, sustain, maintain and repair all living entities, and especially we human beings.

The titles of these principles are:

Principle #1: Virtually all matter, living or not, is made of atoms.

Principle #2: Supernatural Dexterity required.

Principle #3: “Dead dogs don’t bark”.

Principle #4: Evolution is not a force.

Principle #5: The theory of evolution “absolutely breaks down”.

Principle #6: The phenomenal programming of DNA.

Principle #7: Phenomenal fine-tuning for life.

In addition there are included: 

18 Essentials for life that evolution is incapable of providing.

At the time of the founding of our nations, not all of this science was known or understood in detail by our founding fathers. However, the need for supernatural external help with growing crops of grains, vegetables and fruit for food, the producing of cattle for milk and meat, fish and fowl to eat, was all appreciated and understood to be reliably and faithfully created for the benefit of mankind.

This supernatural external helper, they called “God”, just as the majority of us do today.

We will see later in the book, chapters which outline the involvement of God in the governments of our nations. It will also describe how many of the founding fathers and leaders since have taken time to study the advice in God’s Word, the Holy Bible.

Many of our leaders today, pray to God for help in times of national and international distress.

We believe that students and adults have the inalienable right to be taught who this God of our nations IS; this God who is in our declarations/constitutions, court systems, national anthems,  pledges of allegiance, inauguration, currencies, public buildings, war memorial, leaders’ prayers, etc.  In our textbook we focus on the U.S.A., the U.K., Australia and Canada.

Do not be fooled by those who say there is no God. There obviously is and we can see the evidence in all the life around us.

He shows how much He cares for us by working very hard, consistently, reliably, faithfully and brilliantly for each one of us every second of every day.

Atomic biology is the study of this super-intelligent and caring work.