Petitions for Change

We believe that proactive participation in improving science and education by as many individuals and organizations as possible, can make a significant difference for good in our world.

Provided below are some country-specific petitions in a pdf format that we encourage you to print, sign, (even collect other signatures), and deliver to the school, college, or university of your choice.

USA Education Petition

AUS Education Petition

CAD Education Petition

In this day and age we need to be proactive to protect the rights and well-being of young people so they can learn Why Their Creator, the God of Their Nation, has been so highly recognized by Their Governments, especially now for scientific reasons.  It is the application of His wisdom and influence that made these nations great.  The drift away from His guidance has proven over millennia to bring severe consequences.  Let’s help to reverse the present downward trend which is deteriorating our society by taking positive action for good.

Please read “Darwin’s Replacement” and tell us if you would like to play a role in bringing the God of our nation back to our students and our society.