Revival Through Science


There seems to be general agreement in the western world, that overall church attendance and interest in Godly matters is on a definite decline.
Church attendance is declining(

Why is this happening?

From our perspective, academic replacement of our Creator with Darwin’s “evolution” as the taught cause of life, for a few generations, is a major factor.  This has, in turn, been part of the cause of removal of prayer and “The Ten Commandments” from public school classrooms.

The concept is taught often by the inference that if “evolution” is the cause of life, then there is no need for God and the Bible cannot be trusted.

Then, of course, are all the Sunday distractions, like multiple sports games, secular TV, and other non-Christian events to turn our attention from the original intention for the Sabbath.

When parents are disinterested in our Creator and His blessings, it is easy for their children to be disinterested.

Through the movie, “Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed”(view on YouTube), a documentary showing several of the science professors in secular US universities who were fired for daring to suggest in their classrooms that there may be some intelligence in the way living entities are designed.

There are a number of threatening pressures on university professors and public school teachers to avoid teaching anything but evolution as the cause of life.  Organizations like the ACLU have financed lawyers to take schools and teachers to court to prevent them from teaching any alternate to ‘evolution’ as the cause of life.

Solution:  over a 28 year period, Reality Research and Development Inc. president, Tom Rogers, with input from 14 PhD’s, several DSc’s, MSc’s, and other researchers, has determined that there is an enormous amount of intelligent physical work and care involved in building our foods using atoms from the soil and rain, and then building, sustaining and maintaining our cells using the right numbers of the right atoms from our food.  This is all intelligent physical work that evolution, by definition, is incapable of performing, as it has no intelligence and does no work.

The extension of this information is significant enough to become the basis for a revival and major change in our public education systems, bringing our Creator back to classrooms as the cause and care for our lives.

Details can be seen in the book, “So, Who IS This ‘GOD’ of Our Nations, and What Does He DO For Us?” through Amazon or Kindle.